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Grant Will Help Complete Replica Of Tuscarora Village

MAXTON, NC Oct. 3, 2001 -- The Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina received a federal grant of $143,514 to help complete a traditional Indian village that can be used as an educational center as well as a tourist destination.

The Administration for Native Americans (ANA) provided the grant to help the tribe finish renovations to a museum and a building at the village called a longhouse, which is used for gatherings and ceremonies. The grant will allow the tribe to complete work over a three-year period.

The tribe initiated the concept of the village in 1986 and tribal officials say it will include a campground, stage, pond and a catering kitchen.

The tribe expects the village to eventually help create jobs as a tourist attraction. The area is currently used for powwows, meetings and dancing and singing classes for youths.

"This funding is just what we need," said Donnie Emanuel, who worked on the grant for two years. "It means we can be self-sufficient and perhaps even provide jobs for Tuscarora people," she said.

The Tuscarora Nation is a mile outside Maxton at 288 Tuscarora Nation Road. Tribal officials say there are 360 members in the tribe.

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