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Lumbee Tribal Government Election Not Completely Settled

PEMBROKE, NC - A canvass of the Nov. 7 Lumbee tribal election has changed the outcome in District 1 and triggered a new election for one of the seats in District 5.

The official results, released in a press conference, confirmed all of the other winners, including Milton Hunt as tribal chairman. There will be 23 representatives in 18 districts.

The canvass showed that Larece Hunt finished with 145 votes in District 1 to edge Patricia Hunt's 142.

The unofficial count had Patricia Hunt with 141 votes to Larece Hunt's 136.

Patricia Hunt said she had not made up her mind whether she would file a protest.

Election officials say they plan to call all candidates in districts outside of Robeson County to inform them of the official results.

A special election is planned for sometime in the next 30 days to determine whether Steve Locklear or Gerald Strickland will be one of the representatives in District 5. According to the official tally, Steve Locklear received 422 votes to Strickland's 340 votes.

District 5 represents Maxton, and the North Smith and the South Smith townships. Henry Clay Chavis, the highest vote-getter in District 5 will also represent the area.

Bobby Dean Locklear, an election board member, said the board decided to hold the new election after 97 provisional votes from the Prospect polling site had to be disqualified.

Provisional ballots are cast by voters whose names do not appear on the tribal rolls. Only enrolled members of the tribe are allowed to vote.

Locklear said provisional ballots were separated from the other cast ballots to be verified later by the elections board.

"We had 97 votes that, for whatever reason, were erroneous," Locklear said. "Those 97 votes were enough to change the results in the election. They didn't affect the top vote-getter, but they did affect the second- and third-place candidates. We felt because of that, we should hold a new election between the two."

Leroy Freeman, chairman of the election board, said the new election may be held in January. He said the entire election will not be certified until the new election is completed. Once the election board certifies the election, the results will be sent to Superior Court Judge Howard Manning Jr., who will have to certify the election before the new government can be installed.

Freeman said voters overwhelmingly voted for a tribal constitution and gave the new government a year to draft such a document. But, he said, the elections board is not ready to release the vote results on the referendum.

Following are the official results of the Nov. 7 Lumbee tribal election:

Tribal Chair: Milton R. Hunt, District 1: Larece Hunt, District 2: Larmani L. Mitchell, District 3: The Rev Jimmy Hunt and H. Dobbs Oxendine, District 4: James E. "Jimmy" Goins and Rhonda Locklear , District 5: Henry Clay Chavis, District 6: Reginald Oxendine, District 7: Delton Oxendine and Randall S. Jones, District 8: Danita Ann Locklear , District 9: Linda O. Hammonds, District 10: Craig D. McMillian, District 11: Mike C. McNeill, District 12: Walter Martin Lowery, District 13: James A. Hardin and Traci Locklear Guerra, District 14: Darlene Jacobs, District 15: William Lonnie Revels, District 16: Rosa Revels Winfree, District 17: Roderick "Rod" G. Locklear, District 18: Daucey F. Brewington.

(From The Robesonian)

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