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Annual Craven County Intertribal Powwow


the drum

$500 - 1st Place
$300 - 2nd Place
$200 - 3rd Place

No Registration Fee!


Host Drum will not compete.

Contest must have three registered drums to be held.

Drum Judges will be a member of the host drum, arena director, head dancers, and a powwow committee member.

A point system will be used to judge the drum competition. Each judge will have a point scoring sheet.

Drum groups will sing one song of their choice in each round of competition, without the use of a public address system or electronic sound system.

Judges will award from 1 to 10 points for Timing. Timing refers to the beat of the drum for the appropriateness of the kind of song being sung and the style of song being sung.

Judges will award from 1 to 10 points for Synchronization. Synchronization refers to singers singing the words or vocals in time with each other or as appropriate for a given kind of song.

Judges will award from 1 to 10 points for Diction. Diction refers to the singers pronouncing the words or vocals clearly.

Judges will award from 1 to 10 points for Strength. Strength refers to the group's vocal projection and feeling, not just the group's loudness.

Twenty (20) bonus points will be given to each registered drum present and singing Friday night.

No consideration will be made as to whether a drum group is Northern style or Southern style. Each style will be judged the same based on Timing, Synchronization, Diction, and Strength.

The Competition Director and an assistant will record the judges' points from the score sheets onto the drum group's registration form, then total the points under each judging aspect, and arrive at the grand total of points for the drum group. Point scoring sheets will be attached to the drum group's registration form and kept in the Craven County Fair Association powwow files.

In case of a tie, those tied drum groups will participate in a tie-breaker sing-off.

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